The Heart has its reasons on Netflix : no, it is not of the comedy series in quebec !

“The Heart has its reasons”… that Netflix ignores them ! If you’re a fan of the comedy quebec cult, be aware that this is not at all what you can find on the platform. But what is this then ? Someone tells you ! Hallmark Channel what it’s about ? The story of Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher accustomed to life in high society, who gets his first job in a small mining town of coal run by two widows, Abigail Stanton and Frances Tunnecliffe. Available on Netflix. Trailer of telefilm : The Heart has its reasons – season 0 trailer VO
The same title for two series very different ! What was not the surprise of some subscribers to Netflix who are delighted -a little too quickly – discovering that the platform had just been added The Heart has its reasons… You know, this series is a quebec humorous born from sketches broadcast in the form of capsules in the talk-show Le grand blond Marc Labreche. Brett and Brad Montgomery, it tells you something ? Criquette, perhaps ? Brenda ? In short, this parody of the Fires of love with Anne Dorval aired between 2004 and 2007 did not, in fact, not been added on Netflix ! This is another series, entitled When Calls The Heart in the original version, and translated by the platform-The Heart has its reasons. And they really have nothing to do with each other, both in tone and in form !

Originally, a tv movie… In 2013, the american cable channel Hallmark Channel, specializes in the television films rose water, diffuse The Heart has its reasons : the diary of a school teacher with Maggie Grace (Lost) and Stephen Amell (Arrow), adapted from the novels of Janette Oke Canadian West. The great success of audience grows to Hallmark to make a series in its own right, loses his two interpreters of origin in the passage, and were replaced by Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing. On the other hand, the actress Lori Loughlin revealed by the Feast in The house and well known to viewers of the channel to participate in many of his films, has decided to continue the adventure in the role of Abigail Stanton.

Already 6 seasons in the meter ! And the success cannot be denied since ! We can even talk about the “Game Of Thrones circus rose water”. She brings to every broadcast a little more than 2 million followers, and its traditional episode christmas special aired in December last year he was even allowed to beat its audience record with 3.7 million fans waiting for you ! It is season 6 which has just started on Hallmark and which should be available on Netflix a little later in the year 2019.

And soon a spin-off… Hallmark has announced in July 2018 that it is preparing for the summer of 2019 for a spin-off of the series, entitled When Hope Calls (“When hope is calling”). But we know at this point almost nothing about its plot and its cast.

A creator in the prairie Surprise : the creator of The Heart has its reasons is none other than Michael Landon Jr, son of Michael Landon, Charles Ingalls of the Little house on The prairie. After having played as a child in the series of his father the time of an episode, he became a screenwriter, director and producer.

Trailer of the season 3 : The Heart has its reasons – season 3 trailer VO