Arrow : after discontinuation of the series, what is the future of the franchise ?

The stop Arrow foreshadows the end of the Arrowverse ? Nothing is less sure, so that three series are still being broadcast, while others may see the light of day in the near future… Explanations. CW turns A page in the world of super-heroes with the end of formalized Arrow, at the end of its next season (shortened to ten episodes). But while the future of the show is no longer little doubt, what about the other series in the Arrowverse, which is currently aired on the CW ? It continues to… Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. At first glance, the situation may remind one of those series Marvel on Netflix – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Punisher – cancelled one after the other in anticipation of the launch of the platform-Disney+. But there is, however, nothing. Although the platform DC Universe (Titans, Doom Patrol) has seen the light of day in the past year, the decision to stop Arrow was not taken to questions of law, but a result of a joint reflection carried out by the production of the show, the direction of the CW and the lead actor Stephen Amell. More than just a series of super-hero, Arrow has been the cornerstone of a connected universe super-heroic, composed of the series the Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, all three renewed by the CW for one more season. More recent, but also more lightweight, Arrow, these three series are expected to continue to exist, without having to worry about the consequences of the judgment of the series-mother of the Arrowverse. A pilot ordered for… the Batwoman. Proof that the end of the Arrowverse is not imminent, a driver dedicated to the super heroine Batwoman (Ruby Pink) has been ordered by the CW, and will soon be filming. If found to be convincing, a season could be commissioned in the aftermath, presumably for a diffusion current, 2020, by the time the ultimate season of Arrow is finished. A timing ideal that suggests that Batwoman could replace the Archer green in the grid of programming, and why not occupy a prominent place in the Arrowverse ? Other series in the works ? In addition to Batwoman, other series might also see the light of day in a future more or less distant. Thus, many fans wondered if a new spin-off around the children of Oliver and Felicity Smoak (discovered this season in the flashforward) would not see the light of day. A theory reinforced by the fact that the future daughter of Barry Allen also appeared this season in the series Flash. Another possibility, although less likely, is that a Superman series to be launched. In the idea, the chain CW is up for it, as the creator of the Arrowverse Greg Berlanti, remains, however, that the interpreter of the character Tyler Hoechlin is already engaged on the series of science fiction-Another Life (Netflix). A conflict of agenda, which does not prevent the character to reappear from time to time in the series in the Arrowverse, as he has done multiple times in recent years. Finally, why not imagine that, before shooting, their reverence, the hero of the Arrowverse do not appear all together in a mini-series special for the Defenders ? Of course everything will depend on the fate of Oliver Queen at the end of the ultimate season of Arrow, but the last few episodes cross-over we have ample evidence that the heroes – and their inteprètes respective – have alchemy enough to wear such a project. In France, the episodes of Arrow are available each week exclusively on Netflix.

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